Team Dream

The Syllabus Cartoons concept has been created for Godfather Edulabs LLP to make learning fun and addictive for young minds.

It has been made possible with the concentrated efforts of Creative professionals, Wonderful Teachers, Students who helped us pick their mind, open minded professionals from Education, Industry, Governance, and loads of special support from kind people.

Founder: Vijay Srinivas Prativadi

Mentors: Dr GV Iyengar, Adjunct Professor at Tufts University;  Jyothi Thyagarajan, Educationist; Ranganath Iyengar, Consulting.

Social Impact: Ravi Acharya, ex-IIM/ FLAME pune; Dr Ramaswamy Iyengar, Vedic Scholar/ ex-Principal.

Production: Creative Director (VS Prativadi, writer); Art Director (Rao Srinivas, K Gopinath); Digital Artist (Aniruddh B, Suresh V); Art Production (Sabu); Editing (Andal J, Dharmashree, Meera Hadap).

Illustration: BG Gujjarappa, Cartoonist /Painter; NS Narsimhan, Cartoonist /Animator;

Tech support: Dhaarini Vijay, Shruthi Narayan; Marketing: K R Jagannathan; Review: Uma Iyengar.

For further info, please mail: /


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